Hydroponic Fertilizer- Makes 64 Gallons

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This is a high quality blend of nutrients formulated for growing lettuce, but we use it for all of our container crops, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, eggplant, and basil. Whether you are growing plants without soil, or in containers that need a boost, this fertilizer gives your plants just what they need. Part A consists of an 8-15-36 N-P-K, as well as micronutrients supplying boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. We also add some magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts). Part B consists of 15.5-0-0 calcium nitrate.
Simply dissolve all of the contents of part A into 1 quart of clean, non-chlorinated water in a quart canning jar(not included). We include labeled plastic jar lids. The 2 parts remain separate to avoid the formation of a calcium precipitate.
Now you have enough concentrate to make 64 gallons of hydroponic solution. But you can just make it up one gallon at a time. Use 1 tablespoon of part A and 1 tablespoon of part B per gallon of clean, non-chlorinated water, to make full-strength hydroponic solution. 

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