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  • Our Convertible Mini Camper

    Nov 5th 2019

    Our Convertible Mini Camper

    It was a real camper conundrum. We had a camping trip planned to Grand Marais, MN in August, and all…

    Published by Mark Schultz

  • Our Favorite Pickled Peppers

    Oct 31st 2019

    Our Favorite Pickled Peppers

    We love our pickled peppers on so many foods, from nacho platters, and Friday night Taco Dip, to scr…

    Published by Mark Schultz

  • Hydroponics Unplugged

    Sep 12th 2019

    Hydroponics Unplugged

    We are excited to have the new covers for our new product. Using the same sturdy 18" planters as the…

    Published by Mark Schultz

  • Hybrid Hydroponics-What is it?

    Aug 29th 2019

    Hybrid Hydroponics-What is it?

    We have an effective tool in our bag of tricks to get heat-loving plants to produce a crop in a not-…

    Published by Mark Schultz

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