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Welcome to Backwood Basics, home of the GardenStreamTM watering system. Peg and I met in the heart of Africa, in the Central African Republic, where we were both Peace Corps volunteers, back in 1983. 

We learned many things from our experiences, but the Appropriate Technology approach to living was perhaps one of the most important. We are all about finding ways to make doing things-like growing some of our own food-as simple and efficient as possible.

So what is the GardenStreamTM ? It's a simple way of watering plants from the bottom, whether using a mini float valve housed in a box, or an external watering cup. Our unique corrugated plastic inserts fold into the planters, to make them self-watering. Or you can convert your own self-watering planters, to make them continuously self-watering. Imagine going on vacation and your big, mature tomato plants will never even know you were gone!

But we are not just about gardening. Besides the GardenStreamTM system, we have plans for raised beds, trellises, composters, a chicken cage, poultry font, a bike trailer, and even a canoe. No matter where you live, some of our ideas just might make becoming more self-reliant a bit more fun and rewarding.

So please join us on our journey to create new ways to grow our own food, and to savor the great outdoors. Many of you are likely sitting on some great ideas yourselves. We would love to hear about them!

Because we are better off when we are all better off.

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