Organic 4 Ingredient Flour Tortillas

Organic 4 Ingredient Flour Tortillas

Published by Mark Schultz on Feb 22nd 2021

Eating cleaner means we now forego the store-bought flour tortillas. The impressive ingredient list may be necessary for those factories to send their products around the country, and have them sit on store shelves for weeks. But we really don't want our microbiomes having to deal with all of those chemicals. Preservatives are added to prevent bacterial growth, and our bacteria-dominated microbiomes find that offensive. How can they keep our immune systems in top form if they are having to contend with embalming agents at the same time?
We have discovered that our super thin pizza crust recipe works equally well for making the best flour tortillas. All we do differently is forget the yeast. Once you taste these tender, flavorful tortillas, the factory made ones just won't stack up.

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