Toasting Bread Extraordinaire

Toasting Bread Extraordinaire

Published by Mark Schultz on Dec 29th 2020

For years, when we operated Turtle River Pasties, I dabbled in bread baking. Inspired by Peter Reinhart's bread called Struan, I created my own version of an enriched bread containing rice and grains. Being in Northern Minnesota, I opted for local wild rice, and used organic 7 grain grain cereal, soaked overnight, as my grains. The result was a bread that soon had a dedicated following. Folks would call to reserve their loaves, and we even had a couple who would drive 60 miles, just for this bread. The most-heard comment was that it made the best toast. 

After closing the store, I tried for 5 years to perfect a scaled-down home version of this bread. For some reason, it was not as simple as just dividing all ingredients by 4; perhaps due to not having the commercial equipment. But I finally got it to where I now bake a batch (2 loaves) weekly, throughout the baking season. One loaf stays on the counter, and the other one is frozen, to be taken out once the first loaf is converted into toast for breakfast. 

Keeping with my theme, from a previous post, about sharing ideas, I want to share this special bread recipe with you. I hope some of you are willing to give this bread a try. If you follow the instructions on the video, you will likely be successful, and just might find yourselves a new daily bread- and it's organic, to boot!

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