Garden Stream

Welcome to the World of Carefree Gardening!

The Garden Stream™ is a system that has been several years in the making. Like many of you, we were at one time serious conventional gardeners. Every season we would till up another plot of ground to expand our operation. It’s not that we wanted to, but our good friends down the road were expanding every year- so we really had no choice. Gardening is- after-all- a competitive sport.
Then came the ads in the mail for self-watering planters. As much as I enjoyed the labor and expense of growing and preserving more food than we could possibly consume, I am always looking for simpler, more efficient ways to do things (OK, call it laziness), and I was hooked. We found that these self-watering (sub-irrigated) planters were as productive as advertised. What the glossy ads failed to mention, however, was that 2 mature tomato plants can consume 5 gallons of water in less than 24 hours. The search was on for a way to have the productivity of a sub-irrigated planter AND the convenience of not having to add water to it every day.
With the Garden Stream™ we can both enjoy the benefits (and there are many) of growing our own produce, and enjoy our time away from the garden at the same time.
What is it?
The Garden Stream™ consists of a sturdy box containing an adjustable mini float valve. The float valve connects to a water supply; ideally, a rain barrel, a tub, or even the garden hose. Vinyl tubing then connects the float box to a series of downstream self-watering planters.
Keeping it simple, and fool-proof, we use silicone grommets to connect the tubing to the planters.
You can retro-fit your own self-watering planters, buy our attractive 4 gallon planters, our 2 gallon rectangular herb/greens planters, or make your own from plastic buckets.
Our patent-pending corrugated plastic oval inserts turn ordinary buckets into self-watering planters. All you need to do is drill some holes and insert grommets.
Split tubing inside the planters prevents clogs, and our innovative Circling Stoppers discourage the circling of roots, and promote air pruning.
There is no simpler or more productive way to garden, in my experience.
Made in the USA, from mostly American-made components. Our planter inserts are made by right in our backyard MDI in Cohasset, Minnesota.
We are launching our products Mothers’ Day weekend at Ace on the Lake, in Bemidji, Minnesota. We hope to have them available online soon.
Let’s Grow Together!