Fermented Leeks

OK, next winter I am going to have an insulated “Shallow Winter” greenhouse on the south side of our garage for starting seedlings. I hesitate to say “Deep Winter” because I lack the money and the will to try to grow anything here in December through February. So I will wait for late March to […]

Thank you KAXE/KBXE!

It was a thrill this morning to chat with Maggie Montgomery and Katie Carter on the Morning Show on KAXE/KBXE in their Bemidji studio. Unlike a radio interview a couple of years ago-when I was in there to discuss my canoe book- I did not freeze after the first question. The question I was tripped-up […]

Putting Our Beds to Bed

Our gardens pretty much run on leaves. The primary carbon source in our compost tumblers is chopped leaves. We collect them using a walk-behind mulching mower that has a rear bagger-AND THEY ARE FREE! I am still shaking my head as I recall how we would rake our leaves up onto a tarp, drag the […]

Super-Thin, Crispy Crust Pizza at Home

  It’s hard to believe- with pizza now so ubiquitous it seems to be everywhere- that, not so long ago, pizza was little-known here in Minnesota. I grew up in one of those new neighborhoods that sprouted from the potato fields fringing northern Minneapolis, in what is now Brooklyn Center. Back then, within sight (on […]

Outstanding Baguettes or Boules

 I really wish that, years ago- before spending over $200 on bread books, and countless hours trying different bread recipes- someone would have said: “Come on in. For the price of one good bread book, I’ll show you how to bake an excellent baguette or boule in your home oven”. I have been in pursuit […]

Grow With Us!

Here we go. This blog site will be our forum for an exchange of ideas that we hope will inspire many of you to take up gardening, to put up some of your own food, and do other things to become a bit more self-reliant. We have a whole arsenal of simple products that work […]