Non-Circulating Hydroponics (the Kratky Method)

Growing greens in water containing a complete nutrient solution has had great appeal to me for 25 years.
My first hydroponic system-a “seat-of-the-pants” operation- used gutters, foam board, home-made net pots, plastic tubs, and a pump with a float switch, to grow up to 400 heads of lettuce. It actually worked OK, but making 400 single-use net pots from plastic cups and mesh material was a bit tedious. I also quickly learned that 400 plants can transpire a lot of water in a short time, making a float valve in the upper reservoir necessary to provide make-up water.
Those days are now (fortunately) long gone. Now we can grow some spectacular heads of lettuce and basil-our 2 favorite hydroponic crops- without pumps, or even the need to keep adding make-up water. Materials, such as net pots, rockwool, and nutrient solution, are also now much more available, and less expensive, than they were a quarter century ago.
Watch our latest video to see how simple hydroponics can be, and how we overcame the shortcomings of using this method outdoors. It’s just one more way to have high productivity with low maintenance- our kind of gardening!

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