Fall is Apple Sauce-Making Time

To make putting up our harvest fun and easy, we need the proper equipment. As I have said before, it is funny how we tend to think little about spending big bucks to dine out, but hesitate to spend money on a piece of equipment that helps us to make hundreds of nutritious meals at home. I guess it’s because we put dining out into the “entertainment” category, and buying equipment into the “it cuts into our entertainment budget” category.
One piece of equipment that really shines for us is our Finnish- made Mehu Liisa steamer/juicer. At nearly $180 nowadays, it is a serious purchase, and there are glass lidded Chinese knock-offs out there for under $100. But for an extra meal or 2 out, why not get the best?
We use our steamer for many things, which we will highlight in future blogs. For making apple sauce, it makes quick and easy work of softening apples for the Roma strainer-another handy piece of equipment. As an added bonus, we get 2 quarts of delicious steam-extracted apple juice.
First, we wash the apples. Then they are sliced in half, and placed into the top basket of the juicer.
The steam softens the apples quickly. We check them with a knife, but they will all suddenly burst and foam up-then we know they are good and soft. This might take up to 20 minutes.
Once soft, the batch is dumped into the hopper of the strainer, and a new batch of cut apples is placed in the steamer. By the time the first batch is strained, the next batch should be ready for straining.
The whole process is quick and easy. We freeze our apple sauce, but canning works too, and is more convenient. In fact, our Mehu Liisa doubles as a steam canner.



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